Mini Facelift Long Island

Dr. Layliev performs mini facelifts to remove your loose facial skin and wrinkles as well as to tighten your jowls, the sagging skin between the cheeks and the chin. Incisions are typically made behind the ear and in front of the ear in natural skin creases. Dr. Layliev values the importance of rejuvenating and tightening the deep layer of tissue under your skin called the SMAS (Superficial muscular aponeurotic system) so that your skin heals without tension, allowing for a natural-appearing facelift rejuvenation.

The difference between a mini facelift and a standard facelift is the extent of facial skin dissection, the length of the incisions behind and in front of the ear as well as what is done with the deep layer of tissue. If there is minimal saggy skin and wrinkles, Dr. Layliev may decide you are a good candidate for a mini facelift which means smaller incisions, less skin dissection, and less maneuvering of the SMAS layer of tissue; this also means less downtime in the postoperative recovery period.

It is critical that you bring a good picture of yourself in your 20s, 30s, or 40s so that Dr. Layliev can understand the extent of facial fat atrophy and the angles of descent.

Dr. Layliev may suggest harvesting fat from one part of your body such as the hips or thighs and using it to inject it into areas of your face that would look more youthful, achieving a similar facial volume profile that you had in your younger years. Dr. Layliev will determine whether you are an appropriate candidate for a mini facelift and will help you understand the benefits of surgery. Request a consultation online or call to schedule an appointment.

Mini Facelift Common Procedure for Age Range 40s-60s.

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