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A double chin can be an incredibly difficult aesthetic issue to get rid of. For many people, dieting and exercise are not even to target stubborn fat underneath the chin which can be very frustrating. Fortunately, there are options for double chin correction that can get rid of your double chin and give you the sleek and swell-defined chin and jawline you want. At Layliev Plastic Surgery, we have provided numerous women and men with natural-looking results from their double chin correction in Pasadena.


Double Chin CorrectionKybella is an FDA-approved injectable product that treats submental fat otherwise known as a double chin. The results are permanent unless there is significant weight gain. Two to three sessions are typically required, spaced six to eight weeks apart.

Kybella is a non-surgical option for double chin correction. There will be some swelling around the chin and jawline that will persist for some time. Once the swelling has subsided you should see a noticeable improvement in the shape and appearance of your chin and jawline. Pain can be managed with over-the-counter medication.

Double chin correction can also be done with liposuction. Liposuction involves using cannula to loosen and remove excess fat from underneath the chin and around the jaw. A small hidden incision is used, and typically only one procedure is necessary. There will be some swelling and bruising around the area, but these issues will subside over time.

Double Chin Correction Common Procedure for Age Range 20s-60s.


The cost of your double chin correction in Long Island will be based on the type of procedure performed and other factors. During your consultation, Dr. Layliev can go over the options available to you, answer any questions you may have, and let you know what the expected cost of your double chin correction will be. Our team can also go over the payment options available to you.


If you have been struggling to get rid of stubborn fat underneath your chin and around your jawline and would like to know if Kybella or liposuction is the right choice for you, contact Layliev Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation for your double chin correction in Long Island. Dr. John Layliev is a double-board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in aesthetic procedures of the face.

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