Breast Fat Grafting Long Island

Fat grafting is one of the few adjunctive plastic surgery procedures that have really made a huge difference to the scope of plastic surgery practice in the last decade. Fat grafting (for cosmetic reasons or during breast reconstruction for breast cancer) has allowed for very fine refinements of procedures that we ordinarily do, allowing for more natural and youthful contour results. Plastic surgeon Dr. John Layliev specializes in procedures of the breast including breast reconstruction surgery. He can provide you with natural-looking results from your breast fat grafting in Long Island.

How Fat Transfer Is Performed

Dr. Layliev removes fat through liposuction of a body part that can spare extra fat such as the hips or thighs, purifies it, and then transfers it to a part of the face or body that has lost fat over the years. This fat is then purified and processed so that it can be easily injected into the breasts.

Fat transfer breast augmentation uses fat obtained from liposuction, which is then injected into the breasts for a relatively small increase in breast size. This avoids use of breast implants and is best for women seeking a modest increase in breast volume.

Fat transfer can also be used during breast augmentation with implants and during breast reconstruction to thicken a thin breast skin envelope, allowing the body to hold an implant safely with longer-term results.

Recovering from Your Breast Fat Grafting

There may be some bruising and swelling around the areas where the fat was harvested and around the breasts following your breast fat transfer procedure. These issues should subside over the coming days. On average, patients will need around a week or more to recover from their breast fat transfer procedure.

You will notice an immediate change in the appearance of your breasts. It can take some time before you see the full results of your procedure. Some of the fat will be absorbed naturally by the body over the next few months.

The Cost of Breast Fat Grafting

Breast reconstruction after mammectomy due to cancer is covered through insurance. The policy will cover the liposuction costs too. Insurance will not cover breast fat grafting for cosmetic purposes. The cost of your breast fat transfer in Long Island can vary based on several factors. During your consultation, Dr. Layliev can go over the expected cost of your breast fat transfer and let you know about the payment options available to you.

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Dr. Layliev will determine whether you are an appropriate candidate for a fat transfer breast augmentation and will help you understand the benefits of surgery. If you are looking for a way to enhance the size and appearance of your breasts without breast implants, Contact Layliev Plastic Surgery to request a consultation online or call to schedule an appointment. Dr. Layliev is dedicated to providing our patients with personalized care and results from their breast fat transfer in Long Island.

Breast Fat Grafting Common Procedure for Age Range 20s-50s.

Breast Fat Grafting

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