Breast Reconstruction with DIEP flap Long Island

Losing a breast during mastectomy is a difficult experience. Breast reconstruction with the DIEP flap aims to restore the breast’s natural contour and projection following mastectomy using your excess tummy skin.

The excess tummy skin is called the DIEP (deep inferior epigastric perforator) flap. Vessels attached to the tummy skin are connected to vessels in your chest using a microscope. The surgery takes much longer then implant based reconstruction but offers the long term benefit of no breast implant maintenance, a natural soft feel to the breasts, as well as the added benefit of a tummy tuck following the procedure; the tummy tuck scar is typically higher then the typical bikini-line tummy tuck scar. Certain patients are candidates for the DIEP flap and certain patients are not candidates.

Dr. Layliev uses specific adjunctive non-narcotic pain medications preoperatively and postoperatively which have been shown to significantly reduce the length of time that patients stay in the hospital following this operation.

Dr. Layliev will determine whether you are an appropriate candidate for the DIEP flap procedure and will help you understand the benefits of surgery. He will work closely with your breast surgeon to develop an appropriate surgical plan. Request a consultation online or call to schedule an appointment.

Breast Reconstruction with DIEP flap Common Procedure for Age Range 30s-60s.


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