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Breast RevisionBreast surgery revision is a procedure done to correct a breast deformity that may arise following a previous breast augmentation, reduction, lift (mastopexy), or reconstruction following breast cancer. Deformities may include capsular contracture, implant malposition, implant rupture, rippling, bottoming out, symmastia, “waterfall,” “double bubble,” “snoopy” deformities, as well as poor aesthetic contour. Dr. Layliev employs highly technical maneuvers that he has learned from internationally renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Patrick Maxwell to address these issues.

Dr. Layliev will determine whether you are an appropriate candidate for a breast revision surgery and will help you understand the benefits of surgery. Request a consultation online or call to schedule an appointment.

Breast Revision Common Procedure for Age Range 20s-60s.

  • “100% Satisfaction Guaranteed”

    My experience with Dr Layliev and his Team are amazing. I had a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction 4 years ago, and was left less than satisfied and uncomfortable for my own husband of 35 years to look at me. It has only been 3 weeks , I am still healing but can tell that the results are great, you can even ask my husband. Yes I am no longer ashamed of letting him look at me.
    Thank you Dr Layliev for giving me the self confidence that I need.

    – maddiesmeema

  • “Best Decision Ever”

    Dr. John Layliev is an amazing, talented plastic surgeon with a superior eye for beauty. I felt so delighted after meeting with him as he made me feel so comfortable. He has so much patience with my long list of questions and he answered all of them throughly. He never made me feel rushed. I knew when I left his office that he was the doctor I can trust. So two weeks ago Dr Layliev performed breast revision surgery on me. I replaced my saline implants with Sientra HP565 silicone implants with a breast lift and repair to my right breast pocket.
    I am very happy with my results and I highly recommend him.

    – 2greatkids

  • “Absolutely Satisfied”

    Dr Layliev performed a breath implant revision on me and removed an encapsulated implant. He corrected an asymmetrical situation from a prior improperly performed augmentation. His professionalism and bedside manner are outstanding and his staff is wonderful. I highly recommend him.

    – PT63

  • “Dr. Layliev is absolutely the best!”

    Dr. Layliev is absolutely the best! I feel Blessed that I found him, he is compassionate, patient, completely thorough, as is his PA and the staff in the office. The center is beautiful! I’m taken into Dr. Layliev’s office with almost no wait time at all. Without question, I would highly recommend Dr. Layliev, I wouldn’t go to anyone else.

  • “Dr. Layliev explained clearly”

    Immaculate, clean surgery station was important to me. Dr. Layliev explained clearly what the procedure would be and answered any questions I had. Dr. Layliev also has a pleasant bedside manner. Follow up call was made quickly to see how I was feeling.

  • “Dr. Layliev is nothing short of amazing”

    Dr. Layliev is nothing short of amazing! I came in with implants already in for a few years that I was not happy about and also wanted lip fillers. I showed him pictures of the result I was looking for and I couldn’t be happier!!! I had new implants as well as a lift and lip fillers done at once! Even afterwards I was back on my feet in no time. I couldn’t thank him enough along with the staff for making this one of the best experiences! My friend has already booked her surgeries with him and my mom is coming in for her consult! I would recommend and trust him with anything, simply fantastic.

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