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LabiaplastyLabiaplasty is a cosmetic procedure for women. It addresses the excess skin surrounding the urethra and vagina that causes discomfort during physical activities and intercourse. At Layliev Plastic Surgery, we provide safe and quality labiaplasty in Long Island.

What Is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty reduces the size of the labia minora. Overly long or wide labia minora can be uncomfortable and unsightly. Dr. Layliev may recommend the trim technique or the wedge excision depending on your specific anatomy and your aesthetic goals.

Ideal Candidates

Dr. Layliev will determine whether you are an appropriate candidate for a labiaplasty and will help you understand the benefits of surgery. Request a consultation online or call to schedule an appointment.

Candidates must be in good overall health with no post-surgery healing conditions. Ideal candidates have realistic expectations and are committed to a full recovery process.

Labiaplasty Common Procedure for Age Range 18-40s.

Your Consultation

During your consultation at Layliev Plastic Surgery, Dr. Layliev will discuss your goals and expectations from the procedure. He will perform a physical exam and evaluate your medical records. A customized plan will be presented to you according to the evaluation and your goals. The details of the plan will be discussed while answering all of your questions.

The Labiaplasty Procedure

A labiaplasty procedure usually lasts between 60 – 90 minutes. Anesthesia will be administered before performing the chosen technique. Once the desired changes are made, the incision will be closed.

Recovery Period

The patient can go home after Dr. Layliev has provided the recovery instructions. Minor symptoms such as soreness, bruising, and swelling may be experienced up to two weeks. The patient will need to stay home from work to focus on recovery for the first two weeks. It will require a couple of months to fully heal from the procedure.

How Much Does Labiaplasty Cost?

The cost of a labiaplasty procedure may depend on the chosen technique and treatment plan. Anesthesia and other relevant fees can also impact the overall price.

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