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Breast ReductionAt Layliev Plastic Surgery, we offer breast reduction surgery for women with large breasts that may be experiencing physical issues or quality of life issues due to the size of their breasts. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Layliev specializes in procedures of the breast and focuses on providing beautiful and natural-looking results for our patients in Long Island.

Wha Is Breast Reduction Surgery?

A breast reduction is a common breast procedure for patients anywhere from ages 20 to 60. It is performed to reduce the size of the breasts and to restore a more youthful shape. Also known as a reduction mammoplasty, this surgery can help the breasts better suit and complement overall body shape.

Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction is often performed to alleviate symptoms of back, neck, and shoulder pain, which can occur with large breasts. While larger breasts are often seen as an asset, they can lead to a number of issues that can make accommodating them difficult. Along with back, shoulder, and neck pain, oversized breasts can create posture issues and rashes beneath the breasts, make running and exercising uncomfortable and painful, reduce your options in terms of clothing, and attract unwanted attention.

What Happens During a Breast Reduction?

During a breast reduction, excess breast tissue and skin is removed, the areola is reduced in size, and the nipple areola complex is elevated to a more balanced position
to allow for a more natural look. Your breasts are reduced to a size that suits your personal requirements.

Incisions are made during this procedure. The extent, shape, and position of the incisions are determined based on the shape of your breasts, the type and amount of excess tissue, and the positions of the areolae.

Depending on the extent of excess tissue and skin laxity, incisions can be limited to a vertical incision from the nipple to the breast crease including an incision around the areola , or can include the breast crease in an inverted-T shaped incision. In some cases, a breast reduction and lift or areola reduction may be performed for better aesthetic results.

Steps of the Reduction-Mammoplasty Procedure

  • You will need to consult with Dr. Layliev before a procedure date can be set. If you are a young woman above 20, you have fulfilled the most basic requirement for a breast-reduction surgery. There are various other questions that will be asked, such as your medical history or whether you are a smoker. You may be required to undergo a mammogram and breast exam before the surgery.
  • Between the days of the consultation and the day of the surgery, you are advised to gather important items for your recovery, including ice, clean gauze, and towels.
  • During the procedure, you will be put under general anesthesia, making it completely comfortable and painless. The surgery generally goes on for anywhere between two and five hours depending on the details of the procedure. The incisions are made, and then excess fat and glandular breast tissue are removed to reduce volume. After the removal, the incisions are stitched closed.

The Recovery Process

The general recovery time associated with a breast-reduction surgery is generally about one to two weeks. This will be dependent on the extent of the surgery and how quickly your body recovers.

It is normal to have some amount of breast pain following the surgery. Oral painkillers may be prescribed. Bruising and swelling are also common, and you will need to wear a surgical bra for a time to help these issues subside.

Time off from work will be necessary, and it is advised to refrain from physical activity for about a month following the procedure. Dr. Layliev will schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure that you are recovering properly and to remove bandages and stitches.

Breast Reduction Common Procedure for Age Range 20s-60s.

The Cost of Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction is a highly personalized surgical procedure. Dr. Layliev personalized his approach to each breast reduction to ensure he provides our patients with results that satisfy their needs. Any questions regarding the price of breast reduction and your payment options can be addressed during the consultation.

Schedule a Consultation

For many women, breast reduction can help to improve their quality of life and allow them to feel more comfortable. If you are experiencing issues due to the large size of their breasts, contact Layliev Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation or call to schedule an appointment for your breast reduction in Long Island. Dr. John Layliev will determine whether you are an appropriate candidate for a breast lift and will help you understand the benefits of surgery during a consultation at our office.

  • “I feel like an entirely NEW person after my breast reduction”

    I feel like an entirely NEW person after my breast reduction. I’ve wanted this procedure for a very long time and couldn’t muster up the courage or time.

    After finding Dr. Layliev and seeing his “”work”” with other patients, I took the plunge and it was worth it! I never expected the results I’ve had, they’ve far exceeded my hopes. I love the shape, the size, the placement, the incisions and I love how Dr. Layliev took his time with me, before my surgery and after, I felt it was truly genuine and he cared about me. The staff at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery were insightful and incredibly helpful during the process, especially Lauren S(!) she was a star player. Long Island Hospital was efficient & organized, I’d happily have anything done there and the nurses were gentle, not rushing me post-op-which was what I was expecting. Glad to be proven wrong. p.s. I was back at work 4 days later…no problem.

    – J.P.

  • “I Had an Amazing Experience with Dr Layliev”

    I had an amazing experience with Dr Layliev he was very professional and helpful. My results after surgery were spectacular and was has promised. I am very happy with my results and I feel so much better about myself.

    – Intelligent2864

  • “Great Experience”

    I have always had extremely large breasts since I was a teenager. I am now 35, and have 3 children, and after a long drawn out decision making process, I finally decided to have my breasts reduced. I have suffered with constant back, neck and shoulder pain.
    I consulted with Dr. Layliev, who helped me decide what procedure would be best for me. I was a size 38M ( yes that is a real size). We decided on a bilateral breast reduction w/ nipple graft. At first, I was a little scared but Dr.Layliev assured me that once he was finished I would look natural.
    My procedure was January 30, 2019, and now almost 2 months later I have small breasts and no back pain at all. I’m not very fond of the scars, I know it still early and they will get smaller and eventually disappear.
    I would like to thank Dr. Layliev and his entire team for helping me. (I know it wasn’t easy.) Jessica you were my angel in this whole process. I don’t think I would have gone through with this whole thing if you weren’t around. Thank you so much

    – blkbeauty829

  • “One of a Kind”

    I recently had a procedure Dr. Layliev. He represents what a great doctor should be. He makes you feel at ease, and will answer any questions you have. He is very professional and knowledgeable. I’ll definitely didn’t feel nervous about the procedure. He is a very kind and absolutely amazing plastic surgeon.

    – olgany72

  • “My Experience Was Wonderful”

    Dr Layliev has a great bed side manner, he is very attentive to any concerns and takes the time necessary to make you feel comfortable. I am one month post surgery and I’m loving my new image. I highly recommend him.

    – darcyfader

  • “I Wish I Did It Sooner”

    After many years of contemplating breast reduction, I finally decided to go see Dr. Layliev. The staff were wonderful, and the doctor was so professional and compassionate. Jessica and Michelle are great! It is so nice to get a real person on the phone when you call, and not a recording saying the receptionist is busy and will call back within 48 hrs. I am only sorry I did not do this years ago. I recommend this office to anyone who wants to change their life for the best. My neck pain is already gone and i love my results.

    – helen912

  • “5+star Dr John Layliev”

    My experience with Dr. Layliev was more than satisfactory. He is a very meticulous doctor with a kind and wonderful bedside manner. He explained the risks and exactly what the procedure would involve. He always listens and gives me understandable answers to my questions. He has a lot of patience. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family.

    – jaybird916

  • “Couldn’t Be Happier!”

    Dr. Layliev was so attentive and sympathetic from my very first consultation visit. He took the time to listen to my concerns and fears. Not to mention he did an amazing job on my surgery. I couldn’t have asked for better results or a better doctor! My entire life I have been self conscious of my chest size (always bigger then a DD)…the change in my posture and my attitude and esteem is beyond any happiness I can explain. I can’t say thank you enough to Dr. Layliev!!

    – scaliwag22

  • “Very Pleased Patient”

    Dr. Layliev and his staff are truly professional. They make you feel extremely comfortable and answer any questions or concerns that you have. I’m so pleased with my breast reduction that i wished i would have done it sooner! Dr. Layliev covers everything so that you feel very confident in his care. I would highly recommend Dr. Layliev and his staff.

    – tearose107

  • “21 Years Old, Breast Reduction Very Much Needed!”

    To some women having bigger breast is a blessing, not in my case. I’ve had nothing but pain and discomfort for years. I just want to express my excitement to my reduction and lift done by Dr.Layliev. I’m only 5’2 and my breast made me fall over. I’ve never been so happy with my breast and appearance until I had my surgery. This was the best decision I ever made! There was no pain after and I would recommend this surgery and Dr.Layliev to everyone!

    – TanaiyaN

  • “Dr. Layliev and his staff were great”

    I am only 2 weeks post procedure but I can already say it was worth it for me. I was a DD/E bra size and I went down to a B. I had been contemplating a reduction for over 10 years. My breasts got larger and larger with pregnancy and weight gain. Even when I lost weight my breasts were still large and droopy. I finally went for a consultation with Dr. Layliev and I immediately felt comfortable with him. He’s a wonderful Dr and truly compassionate to his patient. He explains everything and I never felt rushed as I struggled to ask all my questions because of nervousness. He’s attentive and concerned with your recovery, as he has called me multiple times at home to check up on me…. not many Drs do that or at least none that I have dealt with. The procedure was really a non issue for me and recovery so far has been great. I should have done in a long time ago but you get there when you get there. I hope this helps someone make the choice a little sooner. Dr. Layliev and his staff were great. Thank you Dr. Layliev, Marissa, Michelle and Jessica for an all around great experience.

    – Jeanne22

  • “Dr. Layliev and his team was very professional”

    Dr. Layliev and his team was very professional from the beginning at consultation all the way to my post operation follow up. I was kept informed about all aspects of my procedure.

  • “I look and feel great”

    Dr. Layliev and his staff were absolutely amazing, from the decision making to the preparation all the way through the actual surgery. I look and feel great.

  • “My scarring is minimal”

    Dr. Layliev really listened to me. Took everything step by step and reassured me the whole time. He did an amazing job and my scarring is minimal. This surgical procedure changed my life. It hurt to stand or sit up straight before it because my breasts were so big. Now my back is so much better and I can do so much more.

  • “One of the best doctors”

    Dr. Layliev is absolutely with out a doubt in my mind one of the best doctors I have ever encountered. Working for a health system has allowed me to understand and see the kindness and experience of the surgeon. Could not have asked for more. Before my procedure I suffering from back pains as well as feeling extremely uncomfortable due to the weight of my chest. After my surgery I feel no back pain. I feel extremely comfortable including being able to get a lot more variety of bra’s. I feel fantastic.

  • “I am highly satisfied”

    Dr Layliev performed surgery for my breast biopsy to close the incision caused from the biopsy. He was extremely kind and informative about the procedure and reassuring during a not so pleasant procedure. I am highly satisfied with everyone in the office, from all the doctors and their kindness along with the professionalism and great service from everyone on the team for this procedure and my breast reduction done in Oct 2017. I recommend the practice to all my friends.

  • “Dr explained everything”

    Friendly staff. Dr explained everything slow and carefully so that i could fully understand the procedure. Clean office. Easy to make appointments

  • “Dr Layliev was always reassuring”

    Every time I went in for follow ups I never felt rushed, my questions were always answered to my satisfaction and most of all Dr Layliev was always reassuring and his staff always treated me with respect and never made me feel uncomfortable . This office is so pleasant and nice they make you want to go back. It’s such a pleasant experience to LIKE going to a doctors office. I lived too many years being uncomfortable and in pain in my neck and back because of my large breasts that if I would have known what a gratifying experience this was I would have done it years ago! Plus I have the added bonus of looking in the mirror and feeling Great about myself. I’m a mature woman and never thought that I would feel good about my appearance again!

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