Wonderful!! I honestly loved the result more than I ever thought I would, he exceeded my expectations. I’m obsessed! They’re incredibly natural looking.. for my augmentation +lift he did exactly what I had envisioned, and then some. I discovered Layliev through one of my best friends, who got her augmentation done shortly prior to mine. She had so many positive things to say. I couldn’t stop staring at hers, she was GLOWING. Now i get to stare at mine. .

Everyone in the North Shore CS office is very friendly, very efficient. They never make you feel bad about calling or asking questions during your healing process, everyone is supportive the whole way through. Love that! You get all the resources you’ll need.
Was crucial to me that I felt comfortable & safe w my choice in a surgeon, I wanted the best and Layliev really is that. .
Cosmetic surgery is a big deal and not to be taken lightly, you’re trusting someone with your body and more importantly, your life.
Emily is a PA i saw pre-op with Layliev. Between the two I felt very at home, I was able to put all my faith in them without thinking twice about it. Layliev had justified explanations for every detail of the procedure & answered all questions.
Everything just made sense, so he honestly was a very easy choice. .
If you’re curious, try a consultation – get to know them and the atmosphere. Layliev’s instagram is also helpful in regards to helping you familiarize with his level of expertise and the operations. Love love love! He’s incredible.