Dr.Layliev is very knowledgeable, has the patience of a saint, is extremely compassionate, and has a wonderful bedside manner. I had yet to meet a doctor that I trusted until I met him, which is saying a lot because I’m very nervous and paranoid to have anyone touch my face and perform any sort of facial reconstruction due to the fact that I don’t want my whole face to change. It’s extremely important to me to have natural results. I’m super picky, and he stressed that he believes in the goal to have natural results as well. I’ve witnessed nose jobs gone wrong, as well as heard horror stories of people having multiple rhinoplasties because doctor’s had messed up or made patients look like their noses are made of plastic (no pun intended). I’m pretty sure I drive him crazy with my personality, but he is so very kind whenever I see him. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that he’s good looking. I’m very happy with this practice and all who work in the office, so thank you everyone!