Prior to my consultation I wasn’t sure which procedure would be right for me. I needed the expertise of Dr. Layliev to suggest the best course. He explained the best procedure for my body type and why, in his professional opinion, he recommended them.

He conducted a detailed consultation while asking plenty of questions about my goals and medical history, all while addressing questions and concerns. The assistance and information he provided helped me come to a comfortable decision on choosing to have surgery with Romanelli Assoc. and Dr Layliev.

All offices visits were professional and well managed by he and his staff. Everyone has a role to play, each conducting themselves in ways that enhanced my overall experience. I had no unanswered questions on the day of surgery. Even tho I had misplaced my presurgical packet, his office quickly responded providing everything I needed the day before surgery.

Dr Layliev is very detailed which was evident during each visit. He lets nothing slide. When the slightest changes were made to the plan for my procedure he had his staff update everything in my chart on the spot. Everything was explained giving me the option to ask questions or decline. Some of the things that changed for me during planning concerned adding lipo to certain areas. These recommendations were made by Dr Layliev during the course of his examinations. It was also made clear WHY he recommended something, which was always to provide a better result for the overall procedure. Although small adjustments were made, there was never a pitch to increase costs, which was reasonable for the services he and his office provided. Once the cost was quoted it never fluctuated during pre-surgical visits.

The day of the surgery was thorough, seamless and comforting for me and my family. I met everyone who would be in the operating room prior to the procedure. Due to the procedure I had I stayed one night in their in office facility which was clean and comfortable, fit for my recovery. The overnight staff were knowledgeable and effective.

I had several post surgical visits within days of surgery. Dr. Layliev did a TREMENDOUS job at bringing my vision to pass! I am only two weeks from surgery but the results were immediate. Each visit he takes GREAT pride in his work and in ensuring my recovery is on track.

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Layliev for anyone considering having plastic surgery. I’ve already had one of several friends go for a consultation.