I’m only 16 Days post op and I had both breast reduction and a tummy tuck. My initial consult was for breast reduction and I am 100% happy with the results of the breast reduction. I was more prepared for this as I had researched and talked about this for over 10 years. I waited so long because of fear and cost. The tummy tuck decision was quick and I should have researched more. I’m not unhappy with the results, it looks great. I was unprepared for the recovery. Since I had c-sections I thought I would have a similar recovery. I recovered quickly from c-sections but this is more drastic. I’m also older which must have an impact. I was not aware of the drain being in place for 10 days, which meant no showering for 10 days. The pain, discomfort, drain and lack of sleep due to sleeping in a recliner was not expected. Again, I’m happy with the results and my Dr was fabulous, Dr Layliev. I highly recommend him and his office in Huntington, NY. I would suggest research, research and more research. Talk to people or go on you tube and listen to different experience. There are so many woman who blog the entire experience from pre op to post op.